Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lux-Pain (DS)

Video games have come a long way since simply urging you to save the princess, and these days they increasingly present stories with complex, mature themes and social commentary. Lux-Pain, from publisher Ignition Entertainment, is a novel-style adventure game in the vein of the Phoenix Wright series, and it attempts to deliver a poignant experience to Nintendo DS owners. Instead, it is quickly tripped up by a plethora of embarrassing localization miscues, and what little exciting gameplay there is cannot break its fall.

The general concept is easy enough to grasp.

An infection known as "Silent" has been spreading around the city of Kisaragi, causing citizens to organize group suicides, commit delinquent and criminal acts, and basically just go nuts in one way or another. As Atsuki Saijo, a member of an anti-Silent group called "FORT," you're charged with going undercover as a high-school student to ultimately uncover patient zero: the original Silent victim. Bestowed with telepathic powers, you'll spend the next few weeks reading the thoughts of your classmates, teachers, and neighbors to deduce who Silent has infected and, hopefully, remove the infection.

Powerful emotions within people as well as residual emotions lingering in the environment--both referred to as "shinen" and represented as parasitic worms in the game--are the keys to uncovering the thoughts throughout the game. Atsuki automatically senses these, and when he does, a probing minigame is activated. In it, you simply tap at the touch screen to determine where a hidden shinen lies, scratch away at that area to reveal the shinen, and then hold your stylus on the worm to remove it.

The results of a successful probe are nothing short of baffling: The worm manifests itself into a "term," which is just a short phrase consisting of no more than a few words (such as "dumb kids," "kill them," or "nice guy"), which you must then "imprint" back into the characters' minds to discover what they're thinking. These thoughts range wildly from homicidal, self-loathing, and even flirtatious. Armed with the knowledge that you're supposed to gain from reading these thoughts, as well as information that you pick up through normal dialogue in school and on the street, you can track down Silent victims, have FORT examine the extracted infections, and find the original infection.

Sadly, this interesting idea never really pans out. A large portion of the dialogue is poorly and inconsistently localized, giving off the impression that multiple translators used different criteria in determining how to express given lines in English. It also seems as if the source material was scattershot. What you're left with are lines of dialogue that seem slightly out of sequence in relation to each other. You're also exposed to long chats that simply drag out the time between important plot points, such as the 30-plus lines about hunger and homemade cookies before finding out that a friend just landed herself in the hospital. This all makes the story harder to follow than it should be, and detracts from your ability to think about where to go and who to contact to achieve your goal.

Even worse, at the most basic level, you're showered with grammatically incorrect and confusing sentences such as, "Seeing such joy is what is to some people," or those that were simply translated too literally such as, "I ate his mind." Colloquialisms such as "wanna" and "gotta" are followed inexplicably by single apostrophes. Finally, it's almost guaranteed that you'll encounter an egregious spelling mistake nearly every hour. Taking the most basic plot points into account, it's pretty clear that Lux-Pain's story was inspired by serious social issues (parental negligence, serious depression, and suicide). It's a shame that the botched localization results in too much unintentional humor to take any of Lux-Pain's commentary seriously.

Despite the localization's best efforts to thwart your progress, proceeding through the game is never really a problem because Lux-Pain is a very guided experience--so much so that it ends up a bore. You simply tap on active points on the map to visit an area and talk to anyone standing there, but half of the time, the game dictates specifically where you can go. In addition, you rarely get to choose what to ask of whoever you encounter. More often than not, the person will show up, spit out reams of irrelevant dialogue, and leave. Thus there's little need to try to sift through the (largely useless) information that you've accumulated, given that progress is reduced mostly to visiting every possible place until you find a Silent victim.

When you do encounter someone who is infected by Silent, Atsuki detects this (without any effort from you, naturally) and the game launches into Silent-Removal mode. This is the most mechanically involving portion of Lux-Pain's gameplay; one of several minigames make you poke, slash, and chisel away at white blobs on the touch screen to successfully remove the Silent. These sections are only occasionally challenging and don't make up at all for the game's other deficiencies. To add insult to injury, one Silent encounter resulted in a Game Over screen without any explanation--even after the Silent was defeated.

With neither thrilling gameplay nor an immersive story, the presentation in Lux-Pain simply goes to waste. The anime-inspired character art is colorful, if not all that well animated. The English voice actors recognize how awkward the translation is and paraphrase much of their dialogue such that you're actually able to understand and appreciate small pockets of the story. Your in-game cell phone can receive optional news broadcasts, e-mail, and ringtones, and the local Internet cafe has a message board that's updated with information every day (though you can't post on it yourself). There are even multiple endings based on whose Silent infections you've removed. Sadly, the game fails to deliver on the most basic element of a novel-style adventure so any added features are wasted, much like any time you'd spend with Lux-Pain.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Xbox 360 Hard Drives - Could we get a price check?

There's pricing and then there's egregious pricing. It's plainly obvious to anyone who's ever used a computer that the Xbox 360 120GB Hard Drive upgrade kit could stand to have a better price point. Even the Xbox 360 60GB drive and the 512MB Memory Unit need price makeovers. Other blogs visited the topic almost a year ago, and since then prices have dropped -- just not nearly enough. A quick wander over to Best Buy shows the 120GB kit sitting pretty at $150, the 60GB drive lingers around $100, and the 512MB Memory Unit sits at $50.

Browse over to NewEgg and a conventional 120GB laptop drive now sits in the $45 price range. To be fair we should compare laptop drives with external enclosures to get a closer comparison, and even then we're only up to $70 and the drives are in the 250GB to 320GB range. The 500GB external laptop drives are $110. The pricing delta is even starker when we switch over to flash memory kits. You can easily find 8GB flash drives for $15, and 2GB flash drives go for as little as $5. Assuming we could divide up the 2GB flash drive into four equal parts, we're sitting $1.25 for 512MB. Microsoft's 512MB Memory Unit costs a meager forty times more than the going rate.

Come on, kicking up the hard drive size to 250GB or 320GB would probably make people happier, and at the same time not add much to the cost of the product. And who knows, if the Memory Unit cost $5 instead of $50, they might actually sell a truckload of them.

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Monsters vs. Aliens (PS3/ 360 / NDS / PC / PS2 / WII)

Zombies vs. Robots. Pirates vs. Ninjas. Man vs. Bear. These legendary confrontations have long captured the attention of the public, mainly because they each channel into humanity’s innate desire to see things beat each other up. Monsters vs. Aliens, the video-game adaptation of the hit film, brings another one of these epic conflicts to people’s living rooms as it allows you to take control of three uniquely-powered creatures who are trying to save the Earth from a villainous extra-terrestrial menace.

At its core, Monsters vs. Aliens is a third-person platformer that offers three different gameplay styles, one for each character. You get to play as Ginormica — a 49-foot-tall woman that can barrel through anything in her way, The Missing Link — a fish-ape that can scale any surface and use his tail to swat away attackers, and B.O.B. — a gelatinous pile of goo that can stick to the ceiling, eat things, and drip through porous surfaces. Each of the game’s 25 levels is built for the talents of one of the monsters, as we follow these characters from a secret government base to the innards of a gigantic robot and eventually leading to a confrontation on the alien mothership itself.

All of the monsters have gameplay built around their talents, which makes playing as each of them a separate experience. Ginormica spends all of her time on skates, which are actually two jeeps that she steps on in the first chapter. She must charge through obstructions, grind rails, and wall-ride over hazards during her segments, where she is often being chased by some gargantuan menace. B.O.B.’s levels are mostly made up of platforming, as he must use his wall-sticking ability to climb over obstacles and melt through walls to escape the dangers that surround him. B.O.B. will also get to utilize a turret during a few boss fights, though these sections tend to be pretty short. The Missing Link’s areas play similarly to the Crash Bandicoot games, as he swings, throws, and flattens his way through enemies, boxes, and traps. Each character can also collect a number of DNA strands during their levels that can be used as money to unlock upgrades, extras, and challenge missions, giving you enough of a reason to explore each area carefully. If the action is getting a bit too intense, a second player can join in on the fun at any time with the touch of a button. This player becomes Dr. Cockroach, an off-screen character who can fire missiles using a handy targeting reticule and even pick up and fling baddies to their doom. While not as deep as a full-on Coop mode, this feature is a welcome addition.

While all three of the characters are initially fun to play as, this enjoyment doesn’t last forever. This is mainly due to the fact that nothing really changes over time, as the game offers almost no variety beyond the initial few levels. You will do the same jumps as Ginormica, destroy repeating baddies as The Missing Link, and slide through identical platforms as B.O.B. in each section, and no surprises await you later in the game to break the monotony. To make matters worse, the game also starts duplicating some of the boss battles in the second half, making your constant state of déj� vu even more painful. This is incredibly disheartening, as the core mechanics are very solid, the characters all control well, and the game would have been very enjoyable had more thought been put into switching things up.

Unfortunately, the repetitious nature of Monsters vs. Aliens doesn’t end there, as the environments of each chapter end up looking nearly identical to one another. Ginormica’s levels pack the most visual variety, as she is often being pursued outdoors with plenty going on around her. For B.O.B. and The Missing Link however, their specific talents really limit the design of their areas, resulting in many of their levels looking indistinguishable from the ones that you played fifteen minutes earlier.

While the repetitive nature of the title is frustrating, the playfully crafted world full of cheerful blobs, large-domed aliens, and clueless superbugs is almost pleasant enough to make it worthwhile. While the PlayStation 3 version of the title only looks marginally better than the Wii and PS2 versions, the environments are colorful and well animated nonetheless. Each of the characters has a lot of personality, and their expressive facial animations and cute mannerisms make them all equally endearing. The frequent cut scenes stay entertaining and action-packed throughout, and the kiddies will enjoy the humor exhibited by the cast. Speaking of that, Reese Witherspoon, Will Arnett, and Seth Rogan all reprise their roles from the film as the three lead monsters, and all do a fantastic job at bringing these creations to life. The rest of the game’s audio fits the action well, with cartoony sound effects and a sweeping orchestral score highlighting the game’s aural experience.

While Monsters vs. Aliens does deliver a terrific first impression, this potential is lost over time with the repetition in gameplay, lazy level design, and tired mechanics. While the kids may stick with it for the lovable characters, older players will grow tired of what is offered here by the mid-way point of its eight hour runtime. With excellent platformers like Ratchet and Clank: Future Tools of Destruction currently available for the PlayStation 3, it is hard to fully recommend what Monsters vs. Aliens has to offer, and I hope that this inter-planetary conflict will one day be given the video-game adaptation that it deserves.

Gameplay: 5.5
Each of the three playable monsters has their own move set and abilities, and they are fun to play as for the first few hours of gameplay. Unfortunately, when things never change, you start to grow tired of what is offered and the game becomes a chore to play.

Graphics: 6.5
Monsters vs. Aliens was clearly built for less graphics-intensive consoles than the PS3, so don’t expect a visual tour-de-force here. What you will find is colorful environments and delightful characters that are expressive and enjoyable to watch.

Sound: 8.0
The voice actors from the film do a terrific job of giving their characters life. Music and sound effects are standard cartoonish faire, but they fit the game nicely.

Difficulty: Easy/Medium
While not particularly difficult, the game does require the use of all of your characters abilities to get through a given level. You have unlimited lives, but some unclear sections might lead to a few unplanned deaths.

Concept: 6.5
The idea of having three different characters — each of which have their own unique gameplay — is a good one, but the campaign doesn’t offer enough variety to stay interesting all the way through. There is plenty of stuff to unlock however, and the story should take you about eight hours to chug through.

Multiplayer: 6.0
The game includes an offline drop-in/drop-out coop mode that lets a second player shoot at enemies using an on-screen targeting reticule. While fun to play in short bursts, the mode is limited and an unworthy substitute for an actual coop mode.

Overall: 5.8
Monsters vs. Aliens starts out very strong, but quickly falters due the constant repetition in the gameplay. Fans of the movie might enjoy this one for the first few hours, but those who stick with it longer than that will be eager to see the credits roll
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Monday, March 30, 2009

HellGate London Cheats (PC)

London……2038, the world is not as it once was. Man had reached its pinnacle with logic and reasoning. Everything that was, is and will be to come gathered a universal acceptance as being explained from man’s factual thought process. Man grew abandoning the mysterious and unexplained, writing it off as folly.

This should not have been. With what can be explained as an act from the creator, a great and terrible darkness overwhelmed the planet that thrusted Man into the abyss. Man’s logic has turned into mayhem as darkness has begun its reign.
There are stories of this great purge of some sorts perhaps that began from the emergence of the ravens waiting in the Tower of London. Man only armed with what he could understand was completely destroyed and driven underground, ruined by dismissing ancient prophecies and ancient rituals that were seen as foolish superstitions. How far we have come in our deciphering our surroundings…how things were, how things are supposed to be…we haven’t even made a dent into what is real…what are we supposed to do now……

Hellgate game

Flagship Studios, the creators of the Diablo series brings you HellGate: London. Take the next step in RPG’s revolution and evolution. By creating a RPG into a first person shooter game you will not get tired of the same action game with the same twists and turns but what you also get is the depth of a RPG that plays like you are adding your part into the story. Each level is an incredible chapter about the preverbal struggle against our perceived evil in the limits of our bounded minds….

Another moment in this place we call a world. Nothingness, absolute dark… Some kind of life I know nothing about springs now, I wonder if we are that concept to them. That forever midnight caldron we call home is consuming right to our being, or if that is any form of reality now. The Templars fight furiously not too far away. Dropping these vial creatures that seem endless. What is this, why did this happen, how can we overcome this……?

Hellgate Tshirt

Hellgate: London is appealing the RPG fans and shooter fans alike. Delivered with DX10 displays that should be standard by now, any RPG player will get the maximum experience on their PC, new or old. Hack and slash your way through this immense tale of a post apocalyptic world revealed to be more than we know….

Seems like we are making some progress against this, impossible. Hunters are making some ground with that old, worthless science stuff the used. We did make some progress with all of that state of the art inventions we ooouuuued and aaawwwwed over….Geez, I can barely remember. At least the dark doesn’t so many terrible things in it for now….

Join in the battle for humanity, or at least a bloodline in a rare action RPG that captures the feel of an epic saga with how you would imagine a struggle like this would evolve. Fight with incredible new playstyles that tear into the enemies with detail and precision. You will be able to get first person perspective from different types of character classes also. Truly an incredible, event, which you can tear right into with great action play. Get into the game with long range fighting techniques of the Hunters or close range fighting, sword play with the Templars. You can also be a Cabalist who fight mid-range too. Fight online in the streets of London and get infinite replayability with no two games ever being played the same….

I can feel the struggle succeeding. The Cabalists are keeping the vile creatures at a good distance for the Templars to strike with their tremendous force. These secret society guys really did their homework about this and it’s the only stuff that will get us through this ordeal. I can feel hope, hope our defenders and valiant protectors provided the necessary footing the one thing we are starting to realize that can defeat this horror, us, Man. We can be the undying factor that will drive these terrible days away for good. We got to keep our faith and strength in ourselves, it is an undying force that will overcome these dark days, and we need all the help we can get. We got to get this done and drive this evil out of here. I believe, for the first time in a long time I believe that we will win our way of life back again. Are there any more people out there that can help us……?

Trainer And Cheats

Trainer Cheats Unlimited Health, Unlimited Power,

Add 1000 Experience

Add 100 Attribute Points

Add 100 Skill Points

Add 10000 Palladium
32-BIT DX10) VERSION OF THE GAME. It Might not work with all versions of game. Trainer features customizable hotkeys. Stay Tuned for more cheats
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Pokemon Diamond Version Cheats (Nintendo DS)

Welcome one, welcome all, to Guides offering for Pokémon Diamond & Pearl on the Nintendo DS. An insane amount of work and time went into this guide,
but the reader will no doubt find all of the toil, sweat and tears well worth it, as our guide is chock full of information even the most hardened Pokémon veteran will find useful. Complete with multiple sections to cover all aspects of the game, our guide simply makes the game easier in all aspects. Having a hard time grasping the fundamentals of the game? Check out our Basics section. Curious what a specific item, TM or HM does? Consult the Inventory section of the guide. Stuck in a specific place in the game? Read our meaty walkthrough, which brings you from the very beginning of the game to the very end (complete with trainer information, items in any area, and Pokémon locations). We also have a sidequests section, a detailed map, and a Pokédex to help all potential trainers on their quest. In this Pokemon Diamond Version strategy guide, youll find:

Before you jump headlong into your adventure, check out our trainer tips. WALKTHROUGH //
Our comprehensive Pokémon Diamond/Pearl walkthrough with tips for beating trainers and finding items. SIDEQUESTS //
Find bonus sidequests and complete them for rewards. POKéDEX //
A massive collection of Pokémon data to help you catch em all (and beat em all). POKéTOOLS //
Three essential tools for Pokémon trainers, including a sortable Pokédex. INVENTORY //
Info on items found and earned in the game, including info on TMs and HMs.

Unlockable: Elekid
Insert Fire Red in the GBA slot.

GBA Cartridge Extras
. Insert the GBA cartridges to find the following Pokemon (you still need to find and capture them yourself).


-- Hakutai Forest, Route 203, Route 204
-- Route 229
-- Iron Island
-- Route 208
-- Thrust Lake, Thrust Lake Surroundings, Wisdom Lake, Aspiration Lake, Tengan Mountain, Departure Springs, Return Cave


-- Route 203, 204, 205 North, 212 South
-- Route 212 South, 229
-- Iron Island
-- Route 208
-- Thrust Lake, Thrust Lake Surroundings, Wisdom Lake, Aspiration Lake, Tengan Mountain, Departure Springs, Return Cave


-- Hakutai Forest, Route 203, 204, 229
-- Hard Mountain, Route 206, 207, 214, 215, 227
-- Route 224
-- Route 211, Wisdom Lake
-- Wisdom Lake, Route 216, 217


-- Route 204 South
-- Hakutai Forest
-- Route 212 South
-- Safari Zone
-- Route 201, 202
-- Route 204 South, Powerplant


-- Route 204 South
-- Hakutai Forest
-- Lost Cave
-- Route 228
-- Route 209
-- Hard Mountain, Route 227

Any Pokemon GBA Cartridge

-- Forest Mansion
-- Forest Mansion Room with eyes

Unlockable: National Dex
Finish the Shinou Dex.

Unlockable: Pal Park
Acquire the national dex.

Unlockable Legendary Pokemon Heatran
This legendary can be male or female but cannot breed. Get your national dex and go to the island in the north and east. When you get to Stark Mountain, you must team up with someone to go through the place. The trainer will take the item and depart. Head back to the Survival Area, and your "partner" will be inside a house. Talk to her and shell leave.
You have only one chance to capture Heatran, so save the game first. Return to the mountain, and Heatran will be waiting. The pokemon is at level 70. Heatran can learn the following moves:
Level 1 - Ancientpower
Level 9 - Leer
Level 17 - Fire Fang
Level 25 - Metal Sound
Level 33 - Crunch
Level 41 - Scary Face
Level 49 - Lava Plume
Level 57 - Fire Spin Level 65 - Iron Head
Level 73 - Earth Power
Level 81 - Heat Wave
Level 88 - Stone Edge
Level 96 - Magma Storm

Unlockable Eevee
Get an Eevee through one of two ways:
#1 Receive an Eevee from someone named Mizuki in Hearthome City
#2 Catch yourself a wild Eevee in the back of the Pokemon Mansion

Unlockable: Black Trainer Card
You must win 100 times in a row at the Battle Tower.

Unlock Manaphy (Pokemon Ranger)
Very many pokemon fans have wanted a chance to capture one of the rarest pokemon in sinnoh MANAPHY, but due to the fact that pokemon diamond and pearl do not have any availible manaphy in the ENTIRE GAME. So the easiest way for you to get a manaphy is for you to get the game Called POKEMON RANGER. This game has a mission that is available for you to play after you do a few things.
Beat the Pokemon Ranger game.
On the ranger net screen hold the buttons R, X, and the D-PAD LEFT (if you beat the game you will know what the ranger net is).
When the screen says enter password, input P8M2-9D6F-43H7
(Cap-sense is on).
Then at the special missions screen you will see a mission called RESCUE THE EGG. Tap on it then do the mission and get the egg, this will not be easy and will take a lot of time and effort but it all pays off at the end.
Borrow (or buy) a second Nintendo DS and the copy of Pokemon Diamond or Pearl you want the Manaphy on. The second DS should have Pokemon Ranger inserted. Go to the Ranger net with the Ranger DS and tap on CHECK THE EGG and then tap SEND MESSAGE. If your Diamond/Pearl DS is close enough to receive the message, you will get the Manaphy egg traded to you.

1. Turn on your other DS with the D/P cart.
2 Select the option to transfer Manaphy.
3. Do the wireless oks and what not.
4 Go to the nearest mart with 5 pokemon or less to pick up your egg.
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats (PC)

So GTA: Vice City wasnt enough for you, huh? Wanted a bigger challenge, did you? Need to play an almost unlimited amount of Grand Theft Auto? Well, Rockstar has answered your prayers. With breadth and scope surpassing anything on the PS2, San Andreas is not only great... its enormous! What exactly are you in for? Basics on everything from eating right, checking stats, leveling up skills, and much, much more. A list of Weapons/Tools, where to get them and which is best. A comprehensive list of Vehicles in the game, including motorcycles, aircraft and boats. Descriptions of all the key Buildings/Stores in the game, and what you can find inside. (Coming soon) The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough.
In Part One, we get you started with almost all of the Los Santos missions, but future updates will include every last mission and side-mission in the game. Information to complete your collection of Snapshots , listing locations. (Coming soon) A list of the Tag locations in the game. Head here first, then get taggin! (Full list coming soon) Oyster locations. (Coming soon) Horseshoe locations. (Coming soon) Info to help you find the Unique Jumps. (Coming soon) All the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats , hints and secrets you can shake a stick at.

Cheats Codes
Type these codes in during gameplay.

All Cars Have Nitro NIGHTPROWLER:
Always Midnight FLYINGFISH:
Cars Float Away When Hit STATEOFEMERGENCY:
Elvis is Everywhere SPEEDITUP:
Faster Gameplay CRAZYTOWN:
Gang Members Everywhere BIFBUZZ:
Gangs Control the Streets ROCKETMAN:
Hitman In All Weapon Stats CJPHONEHOME:
Huge Bunny Hop FULLCLIP:
Infinite Ammo, No Reload WHEELSONLYPLEASE:
Invisible car NATURALTALENT:
Max All Vehicle Skill Stats BUFFMEUP:
Max Sex Appeal KANGAROO:
Perfect Handling ROCKETMAYHEM:
Recruit Anyone (Rockets) GHOSTTOWN:
Reduced Traffic BRINGITON:
Six Star Wanted Level SLOWITDOWN:
Slower Gameplay ITSALLBULL:
Spawn Dozer OHDUDE:
Spawn Hunter JUMPJET:
Spawn Stunt Plane TRUEGRIME:
Traffic is Cheap Cars EVERYONEISRICH:
Traffic is Fast Cars TOODAMNHOT:
Weapon Set 2, Professional Tools

To enable the Ak-47, Tec-9, Sawn-Off Shotgun, and Molotov Cocktails to spawn in the Johnsons Family Home complete all 100 tags in Los Santos.
To enable 50 percent extra health complete level 12 of the paramedic mission.
To enable fireproof complete level 12 of the fire fighter missions.
To start the pimping mission, enter a broadway (low-rider vehicle) and press R3. Drive the prostitutes to their destinations for big cash. After the tenth "trick" prostitutes PAY you rather than you paying them.
BF Injection: Get First place at the Dirt ring race Las Venturas Stadium.
Super GT: Get all Bronze medal in Driving school.
Dune Buggy: Beat the score of 25 at the Dirt Ring.
Hotknife: Get all gold medals in the Driving school.
Jet Pack: Complete the Airstip asset near Las Venturas.
NRG 500: Get all gold medals in Bike School. This bike can be found quite easily in a car park near the Johnson house.
Rustler: Get all Bronze medal in pilot school.
Freeway: Get all Bronze awards in Bike School.
Hotring racer: Get First place in 8-Track.
Monster Truck: Win it by beatin the 8-Track Tournament.
Stunt plane: Get all silver medals at the pilot school.
Medic Outfit: 100% with Katie Zhan
Pimp Outfit: 100% with Denise Robinson
Racing Outfit: 100% with Michelle
Police Outfit: 100% with Barbara
Keep weapon after getting busted: Date Barbara
Keep weapon after getting wasted: Date Katie

Unlockables: Fits
Croupier Uniform:
Complete the mission "Breaking the bank at Caligulas" Gimp Suit:
Complete the mission "The Key to her Heart" Medic Uniform:
Date Katie to 100% Overalls Outfit:
Date Helena to 100% Pimp Suit:
Date Denise to 100% Police Uniform:
Date Barbara to 100% Racing Outfit:
Date Michelle to 100% Valet Uniform:
Complete the mission "555-WE-TIP"

Unlock: Girlfriends Cars
Date Helena (Her car doesnt have any doors) Green Hustler:
Date Denise to 50% Monster Truck:
Date Michelle to 50% Pink Club:
Date Millie to 50% Police Ranger:
Date Barbara to 50% White Romero:
Date Katie to 50%

Hack - Tommy Vercetti Cameo
This changes part of the character01 file. Delete the extracted file if you want things back to normal.

. Go to the file character01.rar
in the directory .../install/gtasa/...
and extract it. You will find the code for the character known in the game as C.J. But if you want good old Vercetti back, then change the three digit number from 0 1 1
to 1 0 0
. This should change the character, I dont know if this will work on all of the peoples computers but it worked on mine.

Bug - Hood Loss
While playing the European English version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas with the latest patch of 1.01, I encountered a bug.

The bug occurs near CJs house. I bought in the northwest of ballas territory when it comes to fighting turf, not too far from the beach and ammuNation.

While fighting a turf war normally there are 3 waves, ie you survive the first wave and then the second and when you survive the third "the hood is yours".

The trouble occurs near Jeffersons neighborhood as you drive to a nearby drive to take territory. While standing on rooftops, I survive the first wave of attacks but as I shoot a lot of Ballas a couple of them run away from me and are noted as purple triangles and squares in the green grove street territory. If I wander too far from the Flashing Red "contested territory" I get a message saying to "get back into the war zone".

I have stood in the war zone for 20 minutes only to just stand there with nobody coming after me, hence if I leave the war zone I dont get to win that area because after a couple minutes I lose it. Therefore I cannot simply go way out of the warzone and chase down the enemies. It is a glitch because there is no way to win the territory.
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WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2008 Cheats (Xbox 360)

Unlock Super Stars:

Following superstars can be purchased from wwe shop if you have the specified amount of money as well as if you have completed the specified task.

1. Bret Heart:
Task: Defeat Bret heart in the hall of fame direct challenge mode with legend difficulty.
Price: $210,000

2. The Rock:
Task: Defeat The Rock by Steve Austin with legend Difficulty.
Price: $210,000

3. Steve Austin:
Task: Defeat Steve Austin by Bret Heart in a submission match with legend difficulty.
Price: $210,000

4. Mick Foley:
Task: Defeat Mick Foley by Undertaker in a Hell in the Cell match with legend difficulty.
Price: $210,000

New Costumes for Super Stars:

Costumes for the following Super Stars can be purchased from wwe shop if you have the specified amount of money.

1. Tripple H:
Purchase D-X type costume for Tripple H for $60,000.

2. Shawn Michael:
Purchase D-X type costume for Shawn Michael for $60,000.

3. Mick Foley:
Purchase D-X type costume for Mick Foley for $60,000.

Unlock Championships:

Following Championships can be unlocked if you have the specified amount of money as well as if you have completed the specified task.

1. WCW Classic World Championship:
Task: You must be at the rank of Hall of Famer.
Price: $20,000

2. The Million Dollar Championship:
Task: You must be at the rank of Hall of Famer.
Price: $20,000

3. Heavy Weight Championship:
Task: You must be at the rank of Hall of Famer.
Price: $20,000

4. Hardcore Championship:
Task: You must be at the rank of Hall of Famer.
Price: $20,000

Unlock Kits(Starter):

Following are the prices of Starter Kits that can be unlocked if you have the specified amount of money and if you have atleast one created Super Star.

Price: $30,000

Price: $30,000

Power House:
Price: $30,000

Price: $30,000

Price: $30,000

Price: $30,000

High Flyer:
Price: $30,000

Show Man:
Price: $30,000

Unlock Kits(Premium):

Following are the prices of Premium Kits that can be unlocked if you have the specified amount of money and if you have atleast one created Super Star.

Price: $110,000

Price: $110,000

Power House:
Price: $110,000

Price: $110,000

Price: $110,000

Price: $110,000

High Flyer:
Price: $110,000

Show Man:
Price: $110,000

Purchase Move Sets:

Purchase the following move sets for the specified amount of money.

Move Set 1:
Price: 15,000

Move Set 2:
Price: 15,000

Move Set 3:
Price: 15,000

Unlock Arenas:

You need to obtain the specified number of points in Hall of Fame mode to get these arenas unlocked.

December to Dismember:
# of Points Required: 8

Wrestle Mania 23:
# of Points Required: 12

ECW One Night Stand:
# of Points Required: 7

# of Points Required: 6

Great American Bash:
# of Points Required: 10

Summer Slam:
# of Points Required: 11

No Way Out:
# of Points Required: 5

Duplicate Undertaker

While you are playing as Undertaker and when there is an intermission on R.A.W Kane shows up and act like UnderTaker, not only that but the lighting and scene would be like the UnderTaker's. The Undertaker will refer to you in the magazine option as fighting yourself, magazine will also talk about Undertaker does not want to back down from UnderTaker.

Double stacked tables

Go into the ring and setup a table in there then get on more table, now go and stand on the side of other table then press A. Press finisher and it will set it on the fire.

Helicopter and ladder

While holding a ladder, click Right Analog-stick to do the Helicopter. Click on the right of analog stick while you are holding the ladder and this will do the helicopter.

How to Drag your Opponents

Hold right on your analog when you are close to your opponent and then press left analog stick in any direction where you want to drag your opponents.

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Pokemon FireRed Version Cheats (Game Boy Advance)

Pokemon Red and Blue were arguably the best Pokemon games ever made until now. Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green successfully remake these excellent games for the GBA, adding all the twists and extras that Nintendo has added to the mix since their original release.

Unlockable: Diploma

Fill National Dex completely.

Unlock Enable trading to Ruby and Sapphire

Go fix the Network Machine on Island 1. This is done by getting both the Sapphire and Ruby (in game items) and bringing them to the machine.

Hint: Version Exclusive Pokemon

These Pokemon can NOT be found in Fire Red and have to be traded from Leaf Green/Ruby/Sapphire/Colosseum: Sandshrew Sandslash Vulpix Ninetales BellSprout WeepingBell Victreebell Slowpoke Slowbro Slowking Staryu Starmie Magmar Magby Pinsir Azurill Marill Azumarill Mistreavious Sneasel Remoraid Octillery Mantine

Hint - Stronger Opposing Trainers

Use the VS Seeker to challenge trainers youve already faced to a rematch. Each route area has at least one trainer whose pokemon gain levels and evolve during the game. Here are the things that make these trainers more powerful: Get the VS Seeker
Enter Fuchsia City
Defeat the Pokemon League
Complete the link with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

Old Moves Available

Some of the old moves are available to teach to your Pok?mon. Here are a few of them and their locations [they will be taught by characters around these areas]:

Mega Kick/Mega Punch: Obtained outside of Mt. Moon, Cerulean Exit, by two men.

Seismic Toss: Obtained through the back entrance of Pewter Museum from a scientist.

Rock Slide: Obtained near the end of Rock Tunnel from a boy.

Softboiled: Obtained by a man across the pond in Celadon City.

Mimic: Obtained in Mimic Girl's house in Saffron City after you've given her a Pok?doll.

Thunder Wave: Obtained by a woman on the 2nd floor of the Sliph Co. building.

Counter: Obtained from a man located in Celadon's City Department Store 3rd floor.

Subtitute: Obtained from a man located infront of the Kangaskhan pen in Fuschia City.

Dream Eater: Obtained from a man across a pond in Viridian City.

Metronome: Obtained from a scientist in the second room of the Cinnibar Laboratory in Cinnibar Island.

Double-Edge: Obtained from a guy near the end of Victory Road.

Explosion: Obtained from a Hiker on the Northern area of Rainbow Island 1.

Elemental Attacks (Blast Burn, Frenzy plant, and Hydro Cannon): Obtained from a move tutor in Rainbow Island 2. However, he will only teach your stater Pok?mon one of these attacks according to its type.

Body Slam: Obtained from a tutor on Rainbow Island 4.

Swords Dance: Obtained from a man located on the pier of Rainbow Island 7.

Note: Some of these moves can be taught multiple times, others only once. So choose wisely.
Completing the Pok?dex

Trade with Pok?mon Ruby/Sapphire, Pok?mon Colosseum, and Leaf Green to complete the Pok?dex.
Legendary Pok?mon

Entei, Suicune, and/or Raikou will appear in the wild on the lands of Kanto after you have beaten the Elite Four and become Champion. However, only one will appear according to your starter:

Squirtle - Raikou
Bulbasaur - Entei
Charmander - Suicune
Unlock the National Dex in Ruby and Sapphire

Trade a Pok?mon between Fire Red and Ruby/Sapphire (after you have unlocked the National Pok?dex in Fire Red) to unlock the National Pok?dex on Ruby/Sapphire.
Johto Pok?mon

Some Johto Pok?mon are available on the Rainbow Islands. However, they are not available until you have beaten the Elite Four and become champion, and received the National Pok?dex.
Unlimited way to stop Sleeping

After get the Pok?flute. Use it in battle when a Pok?mon from your side is asleep. It will awake so you doesn't need "Awakening" anymore. You can use it as much as you can!
Mystery Gift

Go into any Pokemon Center and go to the Clipboard by the Shop Owner. Go to it and you can put in 4 words. Put in the words "Link Together With All." The Shopkeeper will notice this and give you access to the Mystery Gift system. Now save your game and reset and when you go to re-load it will be right below "New Game."

How to find the legendary bird pokemon

There are three legendary bird pokemon. Their locations are as followed:

Articuno: found in the seafoam islands, requirements: HMsurf, HMstrength
Zapdos: found in the power plant, requirements: HMsurf
Moltress: found in the cave by cerulean city, requirements: all HM's, beaten the elite four
More time in the Safari Zone

In the safari zone , stand in any grassy area. Instead of moving left and right, just tap left or tap right so that your character turns but you dont move. By doing this, you'll still run into random encounters but your time in the safari zone will not decrease.

Secret Japanese Time Glitch Fix

In order to do this, you will need Ruby or Sapphire, two GBA's, and a link cable. When the game gets to the start up menu, press select and B. Then press A on the next screen. Next, put the link cable in. Make sure the purple tong is in the GBA with FR/LG, and the grey one is in the GBA with R/S. Press A to do the transfer. When you start up the second GBA, with R/S in it, press Select and Start on the Gameboys default screen to fix the time glitch in R/S.
Get the National Dex (JP Version)

Once you have beaten the Elite 4 and have more then 60 pokemon in the pokedex, go to Pallet Town and see the Professor. He gives you and Gary the National Dex, which allows you to view the entries of all 386 pokemon.
Unlock the first 3 Rainbow islands

To get the first 3 Rainbow Islands,first beat the Cinabarn Gym and when u get out, Bill will give you a pass to go on a boat in Vermillion City at where the S.SAnne was,and you can go to the first 3 Rainbow Islands.
Catch Deoxys

To catch deoxys go to one of the rainbow islands find a tree with a triangle pointing to it a press A on it and it will start spinning don't touch the corners now if the triangle is pointing to the tree the island will start moving then the tree will turn into deoxys.

At any time during the game, go in to a PokeMart and check the note on the desk. This will bring up a four word entry screen. Enter the phrase "Link Together With All." When finished, the cashire will mention that the Mystery Gift option will be available from the main menu after you save your game and toggle system power.
Secret Trainer Card Stickers

Go to Island Two and go to the lowest house and talk to the man inside and do the following things:

Effect - Code

Hall of Fame Sticker #1 - Beat The Elite Four One Time
Hall of Fame Sticker #2 - Beat The Elite Four Fourty Times
Hall of Fame Sticker #3 - Beat The Elite Four One Hundred Times
Hall of Fame Sticker #4 - Beat The Elite Four Two Hundred Times
Egg Hatching Sticker #1 - Hatch One Egg
Egg Hatching Sticker #2 - Hatch One Hundred Eggs
Egg Hatching Sticker #3 - Hatch Two Hundred Eggs
Egg Hatching Sticker #4 - Hatch Three Hundred Eggs
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #1 - Win One Link Battle
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #2 - Win Twenty Link Battles
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #3 - Win Fifty Link Battles
Winning A Link Battle Sticker #4 - Win One Hundred Link Battles
Deoxys, Jirachi and Jiroxy

1.(Deoxys) First go to any mart.Fill out the questionnaire on the counter with the words "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL". The shopkeeper will notice this and give you access to the mystery gift system. Use it and select wonder gift. Talk to the man in the green hat at a pokemon center and he will give you an aurora ticket. Fly to Vermillion city and take the ferry to Birth Island. On the island there will be a triangle shaped piece of land with a smaller triangle in the middle. Approach the mysterious triangle from below and press A. Go left 5 times and down 1 A. Go right 5 times,up 5times. Press A. go right 5 times, down 5 times. press A. go up 3 times, left seven A. go right 5 times. press A. go left 3 times, down 2 times. press A. press down 1 time, left 4 times. press A. press right seven times. press A. press left 4 times, down 1 time press A. press up 4 times,!!SAVE!!,and press A. get ready to battle Deoxys!!

2. (Jirachi) You can only get jirachi from ruby or sapphire. the way to get it is to fill all five stars on your trainer card(ruby and sapphire) by becoming the champion, filling the pokedex, winning all five contests and getting thier pictures drawn, best EVERY trainer in the game and the last one I do not knowwhat to do.

3.(jiroxy) Jiroxy, the god pokemon is made when you leave Jirachi and Deoxys at the day care center. Walk 10000 steps and the old man will give you an egg. Walk 15000 steps and the egg will hatch into Jiroxy.

*NOTE* you need the national pokedex.
How to go rainbow islands 3 4 5 6 & 7

First you must go to the Pokemon center in island 1.Talk to the man standing in front of a machine (Nicichi)he will tell you that he needs a stone.After that go to light mountain, there you will see two team rockets,beat them in battle,then they will disappear after you defeat them,there you will see a cave go inside and get the ruby stone.Go back to the pokemon center and give the stone to Nicichi then he will give you the Pass which enables you to go to the said islands.

The real place to find Moltres is to get to First Island(after u beat Blaine Bill will take you there),go to the island with M.Ember, and keep going through each part until u see a giant red bird(A.K.A. Moltres).
Powerful Fire, Water, And Grass Moves

If you want to have a really strong team to prepare for the Elite Four, and you have all three starter pokemon, you should have venusaur learn Frenzy Plant and SolarBeam, Charizard learn Blast Burn and Fire Blast, and Blastoise learn Hydro Cannon and Hydro Pump. Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, and Frenzy Plant are like the fire, water, and grass versions of Hyper Beam and cause as much damage as Hyper Beam (not counting weaknesses and strengths). Master Ball

To get a Master Ball you have to have gotten the Tea from the Old Lady in Pokemon Mansion(first floor front entrance). After you get to Saffron City, train your Pokemon until they are around Level 30-35 so when you face your Rival they will be all around level 40. After you get the card key, go down to the second floor and go to a room all the way on the left. Step on one of the teleport tiles and it will take you to a small room with a man who will give you Lapras and your Rival. AFter you fight your rival and get the Lapras go into the teleportation tile and it will take you to the eleventh floor where you will fight Giovanni(Team Rocket Boss) and a Rocket Grunt. YOu should be able to wipe out Giovanni if you have a really powerfull water or grass pokemon (Blastoise or Venusaur). After defeating Giovanni go talk to the President and he will give you the Master Ball. Master Ball will catch any Pokemon without fail and no matter what the HP. Also, you should save the Master Ball until you get to either the THree Legendary Dogs or Mewtwo.
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Pokemon Emerald Version Cheats (Game Boy Advance)

Just when you were almost ready to put down Pokémon Ruby
and Pokémon Sapphire
, Nintendo takes you back with the latest in the series, Pokémon Emerald
. Whether youre new to the Pokémon world, want to fill out your Pokédex, or simply cant get enough of those crazy critters, there are plenty of new things to do. Inside our detailed guide, youll find everything you need to know to become the ultimate Pokémon Trainer, inlcuding: The Basics: Everything you need to know to get started training Pokémon. Battle Tips: Including a chart explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each Pokémon.
Item list: Details on where to find them and what they do. Techniques: What each one does, and how they are learned. Trading and Breeding: How to get new Pokémon without hurting anyone. Walkthrough: Step by step instructions that will take you all the way to the Pokémon League Championship with details of every trainer and item youll find along the way! Detailed information on every City youll visit. What they sell, whos around to talk to, and what secret things you can earn by visiting. Tips on how to beat every Gym Leader in the game. Contests: Everything you need to know to win. Pokédex: Every Pokémon and where you can find them. The ultimate resource for trainers!

Exploit - Clone Pokemon
Ever wanted to clone your strongest pokemon in Emerald version? Heres how:
Go to the battle frontier.
Go to the battle tower.
Logon to the PC.
Make sure BOX 9 is empty
. Deposit the Pokemon you want to clone into Box 9.
Exit the PC and Save the game.
Withdraw the same pokemon you just deposited.
Go to the lady to your far right.
Start a battle, making sure it is an Open-Level Battle.
Select any 2 pokemon but do not select the Pokemon you wish to clone
When the lady starts saving your game you will notice a Pause before the game is saved. Turn off your Gameboy at that point!
Reboot your game. In your party the original pokemon will be there. But in the empty box you will find the cloned pokemon.
By placing an item (say a Master Ball) with the pokemon to be cloned, you can trade it to your Diamond and pearl game(s) for some easy captures.

Unlockables: Special Pokemon
So to Stevens house after you beat the Elite four. Castform:
Defeat the rival team at the weather institute. Chikorita, Cyndaquil or Tododile:
Once you complete the 202 Pokemon of Hoenn. Professor Birch will call you on your Pokenav. Deoxys:
Receive the Aurara Ticket, and go to Birth Island. Groudon:
Defeat the Elite Four, and go to the land lair. Ho-oh/Lugia:
Acquire the Mystic Ticket, and go to Navel Island. Kyogre:
Defeat the Elite Four, and go to the sea lair. Latios or Latias:
Once you beat the elite four, watch the T.V. downstairs in your house. Latios or Latias:
Mix records with a Ruby or Sapphire with the Eon ticket, and go to Southern Island. Mew:
Acquire the Old Sea Chart, and go to Faraway Island. Rayquaza:
Acquire Magma and Aqua to get Kyogre and Groudon out of the cave, and go to Sky Pillar. Treeko, Torchic, or Mudkip:
Assist Professor Birch free the wild pokemon.

Unlockable: National Pokedex
Beat the Elite 4. Professor Birch will visit you and give it to you once you leave your house.

Unlockables: Prizes from Scott
Gold Shield (Decoration):
Win 100 Battles Lansat Berry:
Obtain all Silver Frontier Symbols Silver Shield (Decoration):
Win 50 Battles Starf Berry:
Obtain all Gold Frontier Symbols

Unlockable Cave
Beat the Elite Four and the Altering Cave will become available. You can find it right along Route 103.

Unlock Battle Frontier
If you beat the game, you can go to the Battle Frontier.

Berry Masters Wife Passwords
Tell the Berry Masters Wife certain phrases to receive the following berries. You can only tell her one of these each day.

Pamtre Berry:
say COOL LATIOS Spelon Berry:
say GREAT BATTLE Watmel Berry:

Unlock GSC Pokemon
After you defeated the Elite Four, you can go to the Upgraded Safari Zone and find GSC Pokemon roaming around.

Unlock Eon Ticket
Mix records with a Ruby or Sapphire that has an Eon ticket, and Emerald will get the Eon Ticket.

Unlock Pokemon Diploma
You have to catch all 202 pokemon in your pokedex. Then when go to the hotel over in Lilycove City, go and talk to the Game Designer and its yours.

Unlock Fishing Rod
Good Rod:
Go talk to fisherman on route 118 Old Rod:
Go talk to fisherman near dewford gym Super Rod:
In the house north of the space center

Unlockable: Hard Stone
Defeat Trick Masters third Challenge. You can find him on Route 110.

Unlockable: Smoke Ball
Defeat Trick Masters fourth Challenge. You can find him on Route 110.

Unlockable: Timer Ball
Defeat Trick Masters second challenge. You can find him on Route 110.

Unlockable: Taunt
Defeat Trick Masters fifth Challenge. You can find him on Route 110.

Unlockables: Rare Candy
Defeat Trick Masters first Challenge. You can find him on Route 110.

Unlockable: PP Max
Defeat Trick Masters seventh Challenge. You can find him on Route 110.

Unlockable: Green Tent
Defeat Trick Masters eighth Challenge. You can find him on Route 110.

Unlockable: Magnet
Defeat Trick Masters sixth Challenge. You can find him on Route 110.

Unlockable: Good Rod
You must go talk to fisherman on route 118.

Hint - Lottery Ticket Save/Load Exploit
Go to the Lilycove counter, save the game and expire the rest of the (real) day with pokemon in hand or a stowage box. Proceed to play the lottery and check to see if the numbers on hte lottery match any of your pokemons original (not current) trainer ID numbers. If not, you reset and reload the save.

Otherwise, the number of lottery digits matching your pokemon trainer IDs grabs you a prize depending on the matches: 3rd Prize (2 Correct Digits) - ooo## = PP up
2nd Prize (3 Correct Digits) - oo### = Exp. Share
1st Prize (4 Correct Digits) - o#### = Max Revive
Big Prize (5 Correct Digits) - ##### = Master ball

Of course the more trainer IDs you have ( Gotten by trading pokemon you caught for ones other players have caught) the more likely you will get and faster you will get the masterball Prize). This is of course, the non-glitch method of gaining PP and master balls.

Hint: Get to Steven Faster
To get to steven faster (you will find him in meteor falls) you have to do the following: 1. Get 2 level 100 Relacinths and 2 level 100 Wailmers. 2. Go to the entrance of meteor falls (with the pokemon mentioned before). 3. press a,b,r,l,select simulountaniously and voula! you at the area where steven is ready to battle you.

Turn GBA on and off
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