Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hideo Kojima on forging Metal Gear

[UPDATE] Konami's star developer recaps two decades of development on signature stealth franchise in keynote address; ends by saying series will continue; full blog transcript and video inside.

SAN FRANCISCO--Last night, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima was the toast of the industry, recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Game Developers Choice Awards.

He was the focus of attention once more today when he delivered the keynote address in the "Vision" track at the 2009 Game Developers Conference.

Having pioneered the stealth action genre with the original Metal Gear--then reinvented it with Metal Gear Solid, and most recently Metal Gear Solid 4--Kojima will talk about clearing game-design hurdles with creativity. Fittingly enough, the famed designer promises to put exclamation points on his lessons with specific examples from his two full decades of developing Metal Gear games.

[10:20] Attendees are now swarming into the Moscone Center's south hall. In a topsy-turvy twist to the norm, the only people being made to wait in line at the door are members of the press. Their patience is rewarded, though, as a Konami rep is systematically escorting them to a group of seats front and center for the show.

[10:24] A voice comes over the PA telling the crowd to turn off their mobile devices and refrain from flash photography. The program is set to begin shortly.

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