Sunday, March 15, 2009

Capcom defends $5 RE5 Versus mode

Slaughtering zombies is often an arduous, even overwhelming, task far better suited for two or a whole team of individuals. Playing to this end, Capcom designed Resident Evil 5 around cooperative gameplay, letting players team up to lay waste to infected African shantytowns. But, really, when that murderous zombie-killing bloodlust takes hold, who's to say who is friend or foe. For those who agree, Capcom has delivered.

The publisher has announced that the RE5 Versus mode is now available for purchase through Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Priced at $4.99 (400 Microsoft points), Versus mode lets up to four players compete in two different competitive game types. Survivor's Rule plays out much like a traditional deathmatch game, pitting individuals or two-on-two teams against one another, while Slayer's Rule has players scoring points as they hunt down Majinis.

Some may think that charging $5 for a competitive mode that nowadays comes standard in most games could be considered crass. Capcom disagrees. "Although Versus mode makes use of the assets that exist in the game, the functionality is not currently in the game and is above and beyond the initial scope of Resident Evil 5," the publisher told UK gaming news site CVG.

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