Thursday, March 12, 2009

MLB Front Office Manager ( Xbox 360 / PC)

MLB Front Office Manager takes you out of your comfort zone, and puts you in the hot seat. Yes, you become the general manager of the team, and you are in charge of everything. So, pick your favorite baseball team, and let’s go.
MLB Front Office Manager really has only one main mode you play in. You will begin your quest for the best baseball team ever, but you aren’t in control of the players this time, you are the general manager. What the means is that you take control of a team, and can do everything you’ve ever dreamed of on the business side of the diamond. When you first start the game,

you will get to customize your manager, which is essentially you. You get to choose between a variety of different aspects - from face and skin tone to the very clothes you wear. After the customization of your general manager, you get to pick a team. You can pick any team from the major league, and yes, they are all there.
This game offers so much content it is almost ridiculous. There is so much you can do business-wise in this game and it begins with your offseason job first, which is to sign free agent players, sign current players whose contract has expired, do trades, et cetera. The game issues you dates, and you have to do the things it states by those deadline. For example, you only have a limited amount of time to sign players whose contract has expired. This is how it is the entire game. You get introduced to all aspects of the business including free agency, salary caps, and much more. Once you do all the business things, your spring training and season start. Yes, you get to put your team to the test, but it's not as it seems. You don’t get to hit or field. You manage what your players do. You manage if they do a hit-and-run or to pick or walk a hitter. You won’t actually pitch, hit, or field in this game, but you will get to manage your team. Some baseball video gamers will love this, and some will hate it. It’s a hit or miss for baseball fans on this particular element.

Ok, now onto the gameplay, controls, sound, and everything else you’d want to know about. The gameplay for this game is fantastic. It offers a lot of content, and everything an MLB business fan could want. It offers all the Major League teams, and it seems to offer all their minor league clubs as well. You can sign your big-name players, trade for other players, release players, and bring players inside your organization up to the majors. You can do anything and everything in this game, and all MLB fans will see that. The controls for this game are simple. The game is menu based, and gives you options. All you have to do is go to whatever menu you want and click on the option you want. The game is somewhat complicated for players new to baseball and how the business works, but once you tinker around and play through a season, you start to understand how it works. The game also gives you an option to manually do things, and to automatically fix things like your pitching rotation. This is a great thing developers added to enhance the game for players who don’t quite understand how to play the game yet. This gives the option to play through a season to learn how the business and game works.

The sound effects in the actual games are pretty good. Outside of the baseball games are where it gets lackluster. This doesn’t take away from the game at all though, because all in all, you don’t really need that great of music to conduct your business. The graphics for the game weren’t great, but again, since most of this was menu-based, the graphics were good enough. I will also add the graphics were great for the baseball games. The difficulty for this game is hard at first, but gets easier as you start to understand the MLB business. The multiplayer is Ok. You can create fantasy teams and play other gamers online facing your dream teams against each other.
Overall, this game is a great title to own for MLB fans. If you are looking for a baseball game like your usual games like MLB 08, this game may not be for you. If you are into the business that baseball has become, you would love this game. It is a great baseball business game for PS3.
Review Scoring Details for MLB Front Office Manager
Gameplay: 7.5 MLB Front Office Manager is a robust program with tons of content and things to do - if you are into the business side of the sport.
Graphics: 7.0 The only real graphics you see are in the baseball games you manage, and when you create your manager, and fore the most part these are solid.
Sound: 6.5Not much music in the game, but the sound effects for the games are pretty good.
Difficulty: Hard The game gets easier as you get familiar with it.
Concept: 9.0 The game really does a good job at portraying the business side of baseball, and fans will find it very interesting.
Multiplayer: 7.0 The fantasy teams should appeal to gamers.
Overall: 7.5 I don’t know how many times I can say this, but this game does a great job in portraying the business side of baseball, and I believe many MLB fans will really enjoy checking this game out.

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